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Because there is a NEED for a custom tailored Functional Movement program for the Chiropractic profession.
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-Dr. Todd Pickman, DC
founder of MoveWell University
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  •  Learn the SECRETS as to why most Chiropractors never implement corrective exercises.
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MoveWell Podcast
We have created a system of analyzing movement and identifying dysfunctions, that can be implemented in just days.
MoveWell Podcast
Join our podcast and listen to tons of quick and concise discussions that will be super valuable in your Functional Movement quest!
MoveWell University is a step-by-step program designed to immediately add corrective exercise into a Chiropractic practice.  
Everything is covered from:
  • Assessment : learn the "MoveWell 3" to quickly identify dysfunctions
  • Correctives: discover the clinical applications for predictable RESULTS
  •  Billing & Documentation: cover the bases for successful implementation
  •  Customizable Patient Portal: engage your patients for ultimate retention
  •  Need even more information? Sign up for one of our weekly online training webinars!
MoveWell Community
Join our MoveWell Community Facebook page.  See what is happening in the world of corrective exercise and functional movement, as it pertains to a Chiropractic model.  Benefit from FREE valuable discussion and tips and secrets revealed in our rapidly growing community.  See you there!
Dr. Ed Le Cara, DC, PhD, MBA, ATC, CSCS Board Certified in Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
I've been looking for an online portal that would allow me to not only learn some movement assessment protocols, but also enable me to teach corrective exercises. Dr. Pickman's MoveWell University has accomplished all of that and more. I highly recommend it to not only improve your own understanding but to help your patients move better and MOVE WELL! - Dr. LeCara "The Movement Based Chiropractor"
Zar Horton, StrongFirst Master Kettlebell Instructor, owner of Firebellz Kettlebell Training Center, Firefighter Paramedic
The information that Dr. Todd and his team are teaching is super valuable. As a fitness instructor and trainer for over 23 years, I have learned some new things from these instructional videos and the format is super easy to follow and implement! And as far as the marriage of Chiropractic and Functional Exercise, that's the perfect combination. Absolutely love the MoveWell concept... love it!
Jennifer Chu, ISSA Personal Trainer, NPC competitor
Fitness and nutrition has been the focus of my life, and the MoveWell protocols are simple, effective, and often overlooked in the exercise community. I highly recommend learning and implementing these protocols!
Dr. Chad Woolner, DC, Founder of ChiroFunnel Secrets
Todd is a smart dude, he knows his stuff! His program covers everything that a Chiro would need in order to successfully implement a powerful exercise program that would not only help them get better outcomes with patients but be more profitable in practice! And all without having to travel and dealing with that inconvenience and expense, I like that part! 

I can say that I have met very few docs that possess the qualities that Todd has put into MoveWell U; the level of clinical competency spelled out CLEARLY, dialed-in SYSTEMS to execute effectively, and all the while, being genuine and engaging!
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