Learn How to Grow an Exercise Program in Your Chiropractic Center!
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Want to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice?
Add Corrective Exercise & Functional Movement Protocols to Your Clinic!
"What Dr. Todd has created is a very simple way to assess a patient's movement patterns. My patients have been very thankful for me adding the systems to the upper cervical work that I do. It's only been great things for my office!"
- Dr. Brett Zemba, DC
ChiroRehab Blueprint
Discover the secrets to growing a lucrative exercise department in your chiropractic center!
Improve your clinical RESULTS and get paid more for your time!
Trusted Nationwide by Chiropractors, Doctors, Health Practitioners and Exercise Specialists!
"Dr. Todd has a system that is superior to any I've seen in the industry. I've worked in the field as a strength coach and chiropractor since the mid 80's and the Movewell approach has transformed our practice."
- Dr. Craig Stover, DC
About MoveWell University
Hello, my name is Todd Pickman and I am the founder of MoveWell University.

The mission of our program is to help you (chiropractor) help your patients MoveWell and Prosper.

This goal is achieved by guiding you through the steps to adding a lucrative exercise department in your chiropractic center, in a systematic step-by-step way.

We now have over 100 MoveWell Doctors (we like to say "graduates" of MoveWell University) across the country, actively using the systems to do more for their patients, while making bigger profits in practice.

Take the first step and book your free consultation! Together let's change how the world looks at functional movement!

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