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MoveWell University
Implementation program to add an exercise department to your chiropractic practice.
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  • How to transform your chiropractic practice by adding a corrective exercise department.
  • How to make yourself stand out in your community.
  • Increase profitability in your practice.
  • Get bulletproof systems, charts, flowcharts, diagrams, and cheatsheets to successfully run an exercise department.
  • Spark inner-competitiveness among your patients so that they get better results in your clinic.
  • Offer an interactive exercise library for patient home-care.
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What others have said about MoveWell University!

Dr. Brett Zemba, DC

"I'm an Upper Cervical Doctor and think highly of my technique. If I was going to add anything else to my process, it needed to be solid and this is. Honestly, it's just as Dr. Todd claims to be, but it's actually a lot more. The cost is NOTHING for what he is giving."

Dr. Melissa Arnold, DC

"The amount of work he has dedicated to this program and how much he cares to see our Chiro profession thrive is wayyyyy more valuable than what he intends to charge! I always trust my gut. This guy is really incredible!"

Dr. Corey Idrogo, DC

"This is what I have been looking for to take my practice to the next level! I was blown away from the amount of content Dr. Todd is practically giving to us! Highly suggest if you want to save time training your staff, make more profit, and have great results with your patients."